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Why you need to buy classic car insurance

If you have an antique automobile, you probably have spent a lot of money on it. Just buying the car was a big expense. If you had to have paint or body work done, that was a lot more expense. Now that you have that classic car looking and running good, you want to drive it so you need insurance.

Classic car insurance is a little different from your regular car insurance. You can contact your car insurance carrier and ask if they handle classic car insurance. Some companies do, but many do not. Make yourself a chart and write down the name of the insurance company, what their quote was and what it covers. When you need classic car insurance, you need to get the most for your money. If you make the chart and call about 8 insurance carriers, you will probably have a good idea which is the one for you.

There are also car insurance carriers that only handle classic car insurance. Make sure you do a search and find the name, call them and ask the same information. The prices can vary greatly from company to company. If you take your time and get your facts, you can make an informed decision. As with any other vehicle insurance, if you have more than one classic car to insure, make sure to ask if they give multi-vehicle discounts. Also ask what limits you have on driving your classic car.

The insurance company will want to know a lot of information about your car, so be sure to have all that available at your fingertips when you talk to the agents. An insurance company may only offer insurance on the vintage cars to people over 25 so be sure to ask if that is the case.

You may find that the cost of the insurance is so low that you will be surprised. It should wind up being a lot less than you pay for your regular vehicle. Part of the reason is that most people with classic cars also have an ‘antique’ license plate. That license plate limits the time you are allowed to drive the car. Many states say you can only rived the vehicle to and form parades or car shows. Since you won’t be driving much, the insurance is lower. All of these things you need to find out ahead of time so you can purchase the insurance that is right for you.


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