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Why is women car insurance cheaper than men car insurance?

When getting your vehicle insured, there are many factors that decide what an individuals insurance premium will be. Some of these factors are a little more obvious than others, such as a persons driving record, and the type of car that they drive. Other factors include a person’s age, location, vehicle use, liability limits, and the deductible amount. The least obvious factor is one that many would not ever think is a factor, which is a persons gender.

That’s right! If you are a women, you will enjoy getting yourself better auto insurance rates than your male counterparts. Why is women car insurance cheaper though? We have to look at things from the prospective of the auto insurance companies. When these companies are preparing to get a person insured, they need to see what type of risk factor that person is. With insurance companies risk is everything, and if a person is a high risk then they should expect to pay higher insurance premiums.

What the heck does this have to do with women car insurance? Everything! Insurance companies use statistics that keep track of the thousands of insurance claims that are filed each and every year. They know what people have more of a chance of getting into an accident and filing a claim than others. For instance, drivers under 25 years of age are involved in a great percentage of auto accidents that happen on the road due to their limited driving experience. This is why auto insurance for young drivers under 25 are so high, they are one of the greatest risk to insure in the eyes of the insurance company. The same type of examples can be used for location, vehicle use, and the other factors. If you live in a highly populated urban area with lots of traffic as opposed to living in a quiet suburb with little traffic, your insurance premium will cost you more because you are a greater risk.

Women car insurance is cheaper because a woman driver is less riskier than a male driver. Statistics show that males tend to get in more accidents and file more claims that female drivers. This may be due to men being more aggressive on the road, but it really does not matter. The statistics speak for themselves, and that’s all the auto insurance companies care about. Some may not think it is fair because we as human beings have no choice as to what gender we are born as, and feel men should not be punished for it. Once again though, it is all about risk. Woman have sort of rewarded themselves by having less insurance claims than men, so they might as well reap the benefits of saving with the women car insurance savings that they can get.


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