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When to purchase Day Car Insurance

There might come a moment when you only need insurance for a short period of time. Insurers are recognizing this more and more and are creating policies which will cover you for just such occasions. Day car insurance can be handy when you need short-term coverage.

One of the most frequent uses of day coverage is to cover a vehicle when it needs to be moved from one location to another. Since policies can last anywhere from 1 to 28 days, this can be very handy. When a vehicle is in storage, however, you should also have a policy to cover it. At a fraction of the cost of a policy for a car on the road, it is worth the money to purchase insurance in case something bad happens.

If you have a friend coming to visit or if you are planning to teach a young relative to drive on your car, adding another person for a few days is now very easy. Also, if you need to lend your car out to someone you trust, the extra insurance will cover you. If there is a crash, it will not affect your safe driving discount, which is reassuring.

If you are traveling overseas, you can purchase additional coverage. This can be especially handy if you are traveling to somewhere where road rules are less clear. Whether visiting a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road, or where there are virtually no rules at all, it is worth paying for that extra insurance policy.

Policies are easy to obtain. You can select the policy from the company who provides insurance on your car in storage or the insurer who provides your regular insurance. This is usually simplest and easiest and often you can just go online to update your rider to include the changes. If your insurance company does not offer day insurance, it may mean that you will need to shop around. Going online can help you narrow down your possibilities. As always, once you select the policy you want, read the fine print. Nasty surprises are the last thing you want if something bad happens.

Classic car owners benefit greatly from day car insurance policies. If they are attending a rally or just driving it in a local parade, this specific policy will cover their treasure while allowing everyone to enjoy it. Whether test driving a vehicle or just moving it to another location, it is never worth risking both you and the vehicle, which is why a short-term policy is available to you.


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