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What Car Insurance Canada Looks Like

If you live in Canada, finding the right car insurance policy varies from province to province. Car insurance Canada , unfortunately, does not have uniformity and there are 13 different jurisdictions with 13 sets of rules. Needless to say, the most important factor in considering auto insurance is first to determine where you are going to be located.

The first thing to understand is that auto insurance is required in every province and territory in Canada. The fines can vary

There are four provinces who actually own and run their own public insurance companies. People living in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia are required to purchase their insurance from the provincial agency. For example, in B.C., there is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) which requires all drivers in the province to purchase their basic auto policy through them.

If you wish to buy more comprehensive insurance, you can then either select from the provincial agency or a private policy. It is worth the time to check out different rates before settling on a policy, although it is definitely convenient to just use one insurance company. The rates are also pretty similar. The advantage of having a public system means that, with so many clients, there is a larger base over which to spread the risk. It also means that the policies can be tailored for geography – Saskatchewan is very flat, has harsh winters, and very few big cities. Driving in Saskatchewan is very different than driving in downtown Toronto, for example.

The other 6 provinces offer private insurance with legislated minimums with policies. The governments also determine which benefits are optional. Accidental benefits coverage is mandatory in every jurisdiction except Newfoundland and Labrador, thereby protecting drivers and passengers should there be an accident or crash. Some might complain of too much government interference, however, it is designed to protect all those involved. These rules are also to protect the integrity of the public health service – by ensuring that injuries due to auto accidents are covered by the auto insurers instead of the government.

Several regions in Canada are no-fault. This insurance system means that if you are in an accident, you deal with your insurance company only. Most of the time, this keeps auto collisions out of the courts as companies want to keep their policy holders happy. Also, although there are torts in Canada, the population, as a whole, is law-suit averse. These are all things to understand when purchasing car insurance Canada.


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