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What are some good questions to ask when I buy car insurance?

For whatever reason it may be, most people do not give enough time and effort when searching for auto insurance. Alright, some people will call up a few different insurance companies and compare quotes, but that’s as far as they go when they buy car insurance. Not that there is anything wrong with getting multiple quotes, they should be doing this, but it certainly should not stop there, that should only be the beginning of things for them. The company that a person chooses to insure their vehicle needs to be questioned, not only price, but other factors as well. Below are a few good questions that someone should ask before they sign the papers and buy car insurance with a company. Remember, you want to pay the least amount of money as possible while getting the best auto insurance coverage possible.

Are there any discounts that you offer?

Sometimes if you don’t ask, they wont tell, so your going to want to make sure you ask about this. Safe driver discounts, educational discounts, and female discounts are just a few of the many discounts that different auto insurance companies offer. Some offer the discounts right away to new customers, while some have a waiting period where you have to be a customer for a year or two. You wont know if you don’t ask.

If I need to file a claim, how do I go about it?

Make sure that you know exactly what to do if an incident should occur. Insurance companies that have 24/7 reporting are best, as it does not matter what time or day it is for you to make your claim report.

Is there an agent that is close to me?

The reason for this is because you want to know that there is someone close that you can speak with if you need to talk to someone face to face. It can be really annoying if the only people you can talk to are thousands of miles away and you can only talk to them by telephone.

What other kind of insurance does your company offer?

The reason for this is that if you decide to buy car insurance from them, you may want to purchase home insurance or another type of insurance from them. You will get better rates when getting multi-policy rates from one company.

Is there a payment grace period?

It would be such a sad story if you always made your payments on time, but one month your payment is a couple days late and you get into an accident, you would have serious problems if your insurance company does not have a payment grace period. Make sure that they offer at least a 5 day grace period.

If you can think of any other good questions to ask, by all means go right ahead. There is nothing wrong with asking about their companies reputation, or about how long their company has been in business. When you don’t understand some of the things on paper, be sure to ask them. Insurance companies seem to write in a foreign language sometimes that is difficult for your average person to understand. You as the customer, have every right to know what your policy covers. You are the one who is there to buy car insurance and if they can’t explain certain things to you the way you want them to, it may be best to pass them by and look at some other insurance companies.


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