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Temporary Car Insurance: Just For The Moment

When is temporary car insurance ideal? Well, it is definitely a good idea to purchase a temporary policy if your planning to go on vacation and need a car to get around. Maybe a family member or a friend would like to borrow your car for an extended amount of time. Do you add the person to your current policy or would temporary car insurance be the perfect alternative.

Renting a car requires temporary insurance with most rental agencies. The policy type is usually dependent on whether or not you have existing insurance and if you own a personal vehicle. One way to to purchase a policy may be through your current insurance company. A policy could be issued for short-term or long-term. This type of policy can be easily canceled.

Insurance companys may not issued a policy for less than say 6 months. Military personnel that come home for a short period may choose to purchase a short-term policy or if they are going to be deployed in the United States, but away from home say, in another town or city will choose this method of automobile insurance.

Expect to pay a higher premium rate than what you are currently paying for an existing policy. Always plan ahead. If a vacation or a business trip is coming up and you will require driving to or from your destination, make sure that you know the laws of the state that you are departing from and driving to . A full coverage policy is usually the requirement depending on factors such as, the type of vehicle, age and your driving record. Always shop around for the best policy. The internet has plenty of insurance companies that will give free quotes online. In the end it is always best to speak with an insurance agent to hammer out all the details of the policy. There are companies that offer temporary insurance exclusively for all types of vehicles. If you plan on test driving a vehicle or possibly racing a vehicle purchase a policy that will protect you. Always wear your seat belt. Its the law.


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