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Solving the mystery of car insurance for young drivers!

Car insurance for young drivers can be confusing and expensive. Here are some tips to help you understand car insurance for young drivers.

Car insurance for young drivers can be very expensive. Male young drivers are considered a very high risk. Statistics have shown that in general, young male drivers typically drive without a sense of caution. This of course is not always the case, however insurance companies do take this in consideration when basing their auto rates. Young females on the other hand do drive with more caution than young males and therefore do not have rates as high as young males. Young drivers do have more accidents do to lack of experience and this is also taken into consideration. Most insurance companies will adjust insurance rates for young driver at the age of 21, then again at the age of 25.

Car insurance for young drivers can be confusing. It is not ideal to purchase an expensive or even newer vehicle for young drivers. This is also taken into consideration for rates as you will need to cover the vehicle. Collision coverage for young drivers on a newer vehicle can be very high. It is the best interest for the person paying for the insurance policy to purchase a vehicle that will not need to be repaired in case of an accident. Liability and medical coverage are the best coverages to add to the car insurance policies for young drivers. Many will add the lowest liability limits that are required by their state, however this is not always the best policy. As many young drivers may have accidents and often carry passengers, it is in the best interest of the policy holder to carry higher liability and medical limits for their protection. It is always a good idea to remember that in case of a serious accident, the policy holder will still be held responsible for medical expenses and damages, even if they have exhausted the limits on their policy.

As always the policy holder should speak with their insurance agent for limits and protection. Your insurance agent will also be able to give quotes on insurance for young drivers.


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