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Shopping for Car Insurance for Women

The eternal debate continues whenever gender is brought up in relation to auto insurance. Should there be a lower rate for car insurance for women? Who is the better driver: a man or a woman? Are these statistics changing?

Carnegie Mellon did a study for AAA in 2007 by analyzing TrafficSTATS. The results confirmed what car insurance companies have maintained for years – that young men are more dangerous drivers than young women. Admittedly, years ago, there were less women drivers on the road. The numbers, however, are getting close to parity.

Officially, in 2007 82,371 women and 175,094 men died in car accidents. When it came to drivers, 5,865 female drivers died versus 14,512 male drivers. The ratio is almost 3 to 1.

The top age category for male fatalities was 20-24 and for women it was 16 to 19 (being just slightly higher than 20 to 24). Also, young men ages 16 to 24 are more likely to receive citations (including speeding) and more likely to be involved in crashes. The posited theory is that young men tend to drive more aggressively, break more laws and take more risks.

Women drivers, aside from having less claims, also have lower claim amounts. Women are more likely to be in fender-benders while men are more likely to be in high speed crashes involving injuries and fatalities. There is growing realization that despite there are more women on the road and women are driving further, their fatalities are not close to keeping up with the men.

After reviewing the statistics, it is not surprising that many insurance companies offer discounts for women drivers – especially if the woman is the primary driver in the house. In fact, there are now boutique insurers who focus solely on providing insurance for women, allowing them to tailor policies which are gender specific.

Some policies offer purse or handbag replacement. Most women would never leave their purse in the car, however there are times when there is no choice. These policies cover the loss of the handbag as well as the contents. Also, some policies offer child or booster seat replacement. This is a nice feature for moms.

Car insurance for women can be less expensive than that for their male counterparts. Finding the right policy is crucial to enjoying those savings. Women should seek multiple quotes, read the fine print, and then determine which policy is best for them personally.


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