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Car Insurance Quotes in Wisconsin

Auto Insurance Information and Resources for Residents of Wisconsin
Listed below are several valuable sources to assist you in obtaining automobile insurance in Wisconsin. Within this article are links to help you organize and assist you in purchasing the correct auto insurance as well as filing any claims.

Wisconsin auto insurance laws

Motor vehicles operating in Wisconsin are subjected to the financial responsibility law. This law is designed to ensure license Wisconsin automobile operators have insurance and have enough money to pay for damages in the result of any accident while driving. A license Wisconsin resident must meet certain requirements such as have liability insurance, a surety bond, personal funds, or certified self-insurance in order to meet Wisconsin regulations.

In Wisconsin, auto driver must provide the following to meet the standards of the Wisconsin financial responsibility law, subsequently, individuals must have the minimum liability coverage in these areas:
$10,000 for vehicle or property damage of some sort.
$50,000 for injury or death of two or even more people
$25,000 for injury of any individual with the death of a person injured in an accident.

The Wisconsin Law proclaims uninsured driver’s need coverage for bodily injury and liability should either meet or exceed $25,000/$50,000. Individuals who want to protect their assets or ensure that they have more money in the event of an accident can purchase more coverage than what is required by the state of Wisconsin. Yet, in doing a person will have higher premium cost.

Wisconsin Drivers and Vehicles- Department of Transportation
4802 Sheboygan Ave. PO Box 7910
Madison, WI 53707-7910

Responsible for licensing, license plates, title administration and the overall motor vehicle service in a state of Wisconsin falls upon The Wisconsin Drivers and Vehicles Department of Transportation better known as (WisDOT DMV). Residents of Wisconsin can go online and find Wisconsin’s DMV service center as well as phone number and schedule. Furthermore, residents can going to the Wisconsin DMV website can find vehicle emission testing areas within their particular county. By law, the state of Wisconsin mandates vehicle accidents to be reported to the authorities or to the DMV. The Wisconsin DMV website has details and information on how to report an accident and provides registration forms as well list of fees, which need to be paid on a regular basis.

Within the website there is a section titled Myths and Realities of Uninsured Motorist; this area explains how the state of Wisconsin does not have a no-fault law, which is often refer to as contributory negligence. What this means that resident are responsible to pay 50% in injury or accident liability to settle the any claim as a result of an accident.

Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
125 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53702
Toll Free:

There is a website for consumers who need resources for insurance agents and insurance companies. The website provided by the Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner, allows consumers to look up insurance companies or insurance agents. A free profile report can be either viewed or printed out and is made readily available to consumers. Wisconsin’s insurance companies are listed separately in a section within the website. Several links to auto insurance companies which offer minimum insurance policies are also available on the website.

The Wisconsin insurance Commissioner makes available a separate section especially for senior citizens. This section is devoted to help senior citizens make smart decisions in long-term care, Medicare and Medigap insurance. In addition, the Wisconsin insurance Commissioner website provides a consumer alert for senior citizens about unscrupulous activities that could harm Wisconsin seniors.


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