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Car Insurance Quotes in Utah

We have compiled valuable information to help you in obtaining the best auto insurance in the state of Utah. Below you will find websites of organization that will provide useful information on topics such as obtaining car insurance, having to do an auto claim and many more useful items. Utah is a state that enforces no-fault car insurance rules and regulations. No fault basically means that you will always seek compensation from your own insurance company, even if the auto accident was due to no fault of your own.

With the no fault law, if a driver may only sue the other drivers car insurance for pain and suffering if the medical bills are higher than the amount that your own insurance company is able to pay out. The state of Utah a driver must have auto insurance that covers bodily injury and damage to property this type of insurance is called liability. They must carry this type of insurance to help pay for damages from auto collisions. The smallest amount the driver in the state of Utah can carry it is 25/50/15: $25,000 per individual: $50,000 this is for two or more people from liability; and $15,000 for damage due unto property

For everybody that is hurt in your vehicle, any amount that is under $3000 in expenses for medical conditions your policy will cover them with Personal Injury Protection. When a car accident happens, you can put a claim through with your personal insurance company (1st party claim), or place it with the other parties insurance agency ( 3rd party claim). The laws of insurance are different when it comes to 1st and 3rd party claims.

The Utah Insurance Department will supply information what your rights and obligations are when you file a 3rd party claim.
If you want more information on buying selling the register and a car in Utah then please visit will Utah’s motor vehicles website at People who reside in the state of Utah can utilize the Internet to find vehicles that have been towed or sent to impound. You can also register your vehicle online; get customized license plates and information on preventing car theft. To cut down your wait at DMV, you can download needed forms online. Is there a high number of people want to take the driving test you must set up an appointment beforehand.

The website will also give information on buying insurance in the state of Utah. Customers cannot so go to the website and get compliant forms, if the terms of insurance plans, look for the right company for insurance, eliminate fraud due to insurance, and receive additional info for car insurance, insurance for people who own homes, and other insurance information. The website also gives comparisons of rates for different insurance companies that supply auto insurance in the state of Utah. You can also learn how to file claims with another individual’s insurance agency and different Utah car insurance rules; this will also include no-fault coverage.


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