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Car Insurance Quotes in Tennessee

Tennessee Auto Insurance
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The following list of resources will provide invaluable information which will instruct you as a motorist on how to obtain Tennessee auto insurance at a reasonable rate. Following the links provided from each resource and will serve as helpful guidelines on subjects such as purchasing the best auto insurance for you, as well as what to do when you file an accident claim.

Tennessee Car Insurance Laws

Tennessee Insurance is regulated by what is called a “tort system”. You are required to demonstrate proof of your financial accountability. The state of Tennessee does not require drivers to show proof of liability insurance in order to register their vehicles to obtain a driver’s license. However, it is highly recommended that you buy liability coverage.

There are two types of liability insurance that is available in Tennessee. The first is bodily injury liability insurance-also called “BI”. This type of insurance provides protection when a claim is placed against you in case of an accident and covers any damage caused to a person in which you were at fault. The other type of liability insurance is “property liability insurance”. This liability insurance covers damages causes to property that belongs to others including car, house, boat, etc. The minimum amount of liability insurance varies from state to state. In Tennessee, the least amount of liability insurance available are $25,000 per individual for bodily harm caused by the driver; $50,000 for bodily harm done to two or more individuals; and $10,000 for any damage to another person’s property.

These are of course, the bare minimum amount of liability available to purchase. As always, it’s wise to consider purchasing higher amounts of coverage if possible. This course of action is especially applicable if you possess valuable material assets to protect from claims others may place against those assets. Higher coverage means higher premiums as well, which is another factor to consider when deciding on the type of coverage you want. As you compare different insurance rates, explore additional options of coverage such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. There are also comprehensive, medical payments, and collision coverage options. Be sure to ask your insurer about these additional options.

Tennessee Motor Vehicles Services – Department of Safety
414 Union Street, Suite 910
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 615-313-0300; toll free: 866-886-3468

The Tennessee DMV website has now made it possible to complete several of motor vehicle services online instead of having to go to the DMV. Some of these services include renewing your driver’s license, renewing your boat registration, changing your address on your driver license, and accessing records regarding moving violation records. If you are learning how to drive, or have teenagers who are learning how to drive, you can download the driver license handbook, as well as obtain a list of approved driving schools. An easy to read daily traffic fatality report is also available at the DMV website.

Tennessee Insurance Division – Department of Commerce & Insurance
500 James Robertson Parkway, Davy Crocket Tower
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615-741-2241

The Tennessee Insurance Division enforces all state insurance laws as well as supervises insurance companies that are permitted by law to conduct business in the state of Tennessee. This division is comprised of seven different sections that serve to educate, and protect the insurance rights of the public. Through its website, all Tennessee residents have complete access to consumer insurance product guides as well as a variety of other consumer resources. Tennessee residents can also read insurance alerts that may affect that can affect their premiums. They can also file an insurance complaint. The Insurance Division website gives consumers access to all public information about company actions of insurance companies which may be extremely helpful in deciding which insurance company can best fill their specific needs. You can also locate an insurance agent’s license by name or address. For your convenience, you can also download any agent form, and application. Instructions on how to fill out the forms and application can also be downloaded.


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