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Car Insurance Quotes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Information and Resources
This website is a valuable source and includes a page with a complete image of the state of Pennsylvania divided into twelve regions. It gives the consumer the ability to click on the region to get access to the report of that county. This site has been created to provide information and educate consumer for obtaining car insurance in this state. There are useful sites providing guidance on purchasing car insurance, filing claims etc. which have been linked to this site to get easy and quick access to the information.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Laws

Pennsylvania state has the provision to opt out of ‘no-fault’ insurance and is usually called as “choice’’ no-fault insurance state. The driver can retain the right to sue for any injury caused by accident by rejecting the lawsuit threshold. The available option is to go for Limited Tort where you can save up to 25 % on the premiums but still able to recover medical and other expenses related to the accident. The other option to retain unrestricted rights to sue the negligent party is to opt for Full Tort where you will be required to pay higher premiums. Limited Tort doesn’t allow you recover damages such as sufferings, pain etc unless the injuries are defined to be serious.

In the car accident if you cause injury to someone, Bodily Injury Liability insurance coverage pays for the medical expenses. The insurance cover should be 15/30 which is equivalent to $15,000 for injury to one individual and $30,000 cover one accident in total.

There is a separate cover for property damage if you are at fault in an accident. The cover should be minimum $5000 of property damage liability cover. There are companies which cover for both bodily injury and property damage in one cover of $35,000. In addition a minimum of $5000 medical cover is essential. This medical cover regardless of fault actually covers both you and others.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance companies offer various options with higher limits and options like uninsured and under-insured driver/motorist bodily injury cover, comprehensive, collision etc.

Pennsylvania Drivers & Vehicle Service
1101 South Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17113
Phone: 717-391-6190 Toll Free: 800-932-4600

There are a number of services available on line in this state on Pennsylvania Driver’s and Vehicle Services (PENNDOT). The services available are renewal of driver’s license, make appointment for driver test, registration renewal, contact details amendments, photo ID, request driver’s history record etc. Most of the application forms and the relevant forms, license forms, fact sheets are available on line. The schedules for the Pennmobile-the motor coach bring Pennsylvania DMV services to your home.

Pennsylvania Insurance Department

901 North Seventh Street, Suite 200
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: 717-783-2126

The aim of the Pennsylvania department of insurance is make consumers aware and provide information on the complexities of the available insurance covers. There are various services available like read consumer insurance publications, compare insurance premiums to make right choice, put in complaint and also have a good idea of the complaint ratio of the various companies. There is a Hearing section which lists current open cases and claims. The Hearing Office of the PA Insurance Department summarizes and publishes case decision digests. The forms can be downloaded, printed for applying for registrations, licenses.

The available brochures on line allow you to make informed decision regarding the insurance policies you decide to purchase. The Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Premiums Guide lists various companies offering services and their rates which are usually according to the area. It also gives details about essential and optional insurance covers, PA assigned risk program etc.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Keystone Building
400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120
General Information: 717-787-2838

This website has many salient features and its ability to permit the user to get information about local traffic, contact details etc. This department of transportation website acts as a tool to find information regarding road conditions, projects under construction, useful telephone numbers etc.


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