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Car Insurance Quotes in Oregon

Insurance And Resources for Residents Of The State Of Oregon.

There many different very reliable resources and information that is listed below to help you with obtaining auto insurance in the state of Oregon. There are many links that have tons of useful information on different subjects based on how to purchase auto insurance and the claims filing process as well.

Auto Insurance Laws For the Residents Of Oregon

If you are driving and living in Oregon, you are required to at least maintain a minimum of liability coverage. The coverage is commonly knows as 25/50/10. It simply means that you will have a coverage of $25,000 per person, $55,000 per accident that causes any kind of bodily injury to another person. You will also have Property Damage Liability of 10,000 per accident that you are involved in. Oregon does require you to have coverage that is known as Personal Injury Protection or PIP in the amount of $15,000. That is Oregon’s own version of the no fault insurance program that they operate by. The PIP coverage is going to be covering your passengers and yourself no matter who caused the accident or was a fault. The PIP coverage is going to be covering things such as any medical services, any loss of earnings that your or your passengers may have and other certain types of expenses up to the amount of $10,000.

There are other types of insurance that you are required when living in the state of Oregon. One coverage is called Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury. It is going to be required that you have a minimum coverage of 25/50 which simply means $25,000 for each person and a $50,000 for any bodily injury that is caused by the other driver, if they did not have auto insurance. It would be in your best interest if you did carry this kind of coverage and increase from just the liability that is required, so you will be compensated should something happen. The coverage that is listed here are the minimums that are required by law, but not the ones that are recommended by the Insurance Division of Oregon.

When it comes to talking with insurance companies the state of Oregon, they will offering higher levels of options and other types of coverage. Some others that you should consider are collision, comprehensive and uninsured property damage coverages.

Oregon DMV-Department of Transportation
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314
Phone: 503-945-5000 or 503-299-9999

There are many services that the DMV of Oregon provides when to come driver and motor vehicles for the residents of Oregon. Some of the great online services that one can take advantage of are: renewal of vehicle registration, notice of sale of vehicle and if you may need to change your address. The website covers many other things such as information on how to report an accident and all the insurance requirement for drivers. You can download form and applications that are very easy to download when it comes to any motor vehicle needs. If you need quick processing, some of the forms can be filled out online and also submitted while online as well. If you are in need of stufying for the driver license test, you can find valuable information for that as well as a practice test to take. The website also offers Oregon residents tons of useful information that you can use if you think you have been a victim of identity theft and how to contact the right people for help.

Oregon Insurance Division – Department of Consumer & Business Services
350 Winter St. NE Room 440
Salem, OR 97301-3883
Phone: 503-947-7980

The Department of Insurance for the state of Oregon protects anyone who buys insurance, sells the insurance, assistance with insurance , ensuring that the insurers are financially able and that also ensure the affordability of all insurance to anyone who needs it. The Consumer Auto Insurance Guide makes sure to compare the car insurance rates and premium along with making sure to report any tips that help drivers save on their insurance premiums. Guide also helps consumer make the best decision when it comes to choosing their insurance company and the coverage. It will also help you with how to find out what insurance companies rate, how to find out your credit score and how you need to go about filing a claim. If you are going to be in need of help, the website offers a section that features a frequently asked and answered questions section that you can read when needed. That section is typically divided into three categories such as insurance for your automobile, any information on health insurance, and information on homeowners insurance.


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