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Car Insurance Quotes in Nebraska

Insurance for autos and other resources for the residents of Nebraska

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On this website, we have listed some of the most important information and useful resources that can help teach and guide you through the insurance process. Below there are some valuable links to some of the most useful websites that can teach you how to obtain, apply and purchase insurance on the Internet as well as being able to file a claim and many other useful things.

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94789
Lincoln, NE 68509-4789
Phone: 402-471-2281

The website for the Nebraska DMV offer all consumers and resident a chance to get some of the most needed information regarding anything auto insurance and other road way conditions. The website is very easy to use and you can also any necessary forms and applications that you may need, that the DMV provides. You will be able to find the dates, times and locations of the driver licensing examinations featured on this website as well. You save yourself and he DMV tons of time by locating the information and forms that you need on this website, before making your actual visit. If you are interested and need the additional help, you can do a couple different practice tests before heading to the DMV. That way you can test your knowledge on things such as the driving laws in Nebraska as well as the driving regulations.

There are many different approved and certified institution and agencies that offer driver training and education courses in Nebraska and you can view an extensive list on the website. You can use the convenient website to view and print all the necessary information about your driving record information. There are many different services offered on the website that you can take advantage of such as clearance letter instruction, info on how to obtain a duplicate drivers license, a military license and renewals. All that information can be found under the section labeled Driver Records. SO if you are interested in saving yourself and the DMV time before your visit, make sure to go online and check all there is to offer about the many kinds of documents.

Nebraska Department of Insurance
941 “O” Street, Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68508-3639
Phone: 402-471-2201

The Department of Insurance for the state of Nebraska has a very useful website that is full of information as well. You can find information for the general customer base about insurance, insurance companies and the many agents offering insurance in Nebraska. The section that is labeled Consumer Alerts, has tons of useful information on the many topics for your teen driver. You find information on how to save money on your auto insurance, how your credit affects your premiums and tips for any disasters that may be weather related.

You can find a very useful and easy to use Consumer Auto Insurance Rate Guide that can give you ideas on how much your auto insurance premium is going to vary from other states. The guide is not going to be listing the many insurance companies in Nebraska, but they will be showing the top 15 companies that do most of the business in the state. Consumer can file and obtain any forms they may need for making a complaint. You can also view any information that has been posted about the many agents in Nebraska on the website. There are other links to very important information that you may need to know about the great state of Nebraska, so take your time and review each of those.


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