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Car Insurance Quotes in Minnesota

Minnesota Auto Insurance Information and Resources

Several available useful sources of information have been listed to provide you with detailed information for acquiring auto/car insurance in Minnesota state. There are certain laws common in most of the states and all the states have laws specific to their local requirements. This valuable source provides detailed information and links to relevant organizations which include information on the availability of various types of auto insurances, if need be how to file claims and various other related aspects.

Minnesota Car Insurance Laws

The minimum policy requirements by Minnesota auto insurance laws are applicable to all licensed vehicles and include the personal injury protection (PIP), standard liability cover and uninsured motorist and under-insured motorist coverage. The coverage requires minimum Personal Injury Protection of $40,000 in this state on Minnesota state is known as “no-fault” state. In this cover the payment includes both medical and non medical expenses for both the parties involved in the car accident irrespective of whose fault was that. The PIP cover includes $20,000 for each expense. The minimum liability coverage is 30/60/10: $30,000 for injury to one human being and it doubles to $60,000 if 2 or more people are involved and the cover for physical damage of property damage to the other driver’s vehicle is $10,000. There is a provision for uninsured motorist coverage and under-insured; $25,000 for one and $50,000 in case 2 or more individuals are injured. These benefits are only available once the PIP benefits have been exhausted and only when the other driver involved in the auto accident does not have any cover or enough liability cover to take care of medical expenses.

Minnesota state has various car insurance companies which offer additional cover exceeding the least requirements and provide cover such as comprehensive cover which includes almost any damage and also offer covers like collision cover.

The Minnesota Driver Motor Vehicle Services website provides all the relevant information on all your auto requirements in Minnesota. The residents can go online to download all necessary information, application forms, relevant paperwork for using the services like renewal of registration, amending contact details and address, reporting sale, ordering car vanity special plates etc. Details about the location of service centers are available on this website. Another special service on line is the requirements for the availability of Disability plates. It is very important for every Minnesota driver to note that if involved in a crash which results in injury or death or a property damage of $1000 or more, a crash report needs to be forwarded within 10 days of the accident to the Driver and Vehicle Service. All the relevant forms for reporting are available on this website.

Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services ( DVS )
445 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-296-6911

The Minnesota Commerce Department is involved in the regulation and policy making including insurance industry. This department on its website provides latest information for each industry it regulates and the policies, initiatives, procedures are available to consumers. Detailed manuals are available which contain information on the available No-fault insurance system and procedures. There are various covers available to the consumers which can provide them safety and security in case of accident. The covers are comprehensive and optional covers like collision cover etc. Minnesota state law provides cover for rental cars and extensively covers various scenarios and requirements that may be individual or group covers.

The Minnesota department of insurance deals with and provides policyholders the assurance that they are protected from illegal, discriminatory and unfair policies of various insurance providers and also gives them a protection from financially unsound insurance providers. Various links and associated websites are provided to give easy access to consumers. The easy steps and procedures are explained in case of complaint filing or claim filing. The applications forms and all relevant paperwork is available on line for easy access.
This department has also devised various tools to find and shop for useful and relevant insurance policies and it lists the key factors to be considered in choosing these policies. It interestingly provides tips to settle claims and also gives information regarding the point system in the state.

There is comprehensive information for consumers and agents regarding registration, certification and licensing and all the required forms are available with instructions for completing them.

Minnesota department of Commerce
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
St.Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-296-2488
Toll Free: 800-657-3602

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