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Car Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

Looking for competitive car insurance rates and quotes!!! There are several resources available containing information regarding the car insurances and the following information is to provide a very helpful guide on the well sought current topics like purchasing auto insurance, the most popular with the common man the car insurance and how to file the claims and several related topics.

Car Insurance laws

There are certain car insurance laws followed by each state and at the same time each state has some specific laws to be followed. Massachusetts is a state which requires PIP i.e. Personal Injury Protection as this state is known as “No-fault state”. Generally it is called as No-fault benefits which are paid to you and the people who got injured up to a sum of $8,000 per person in spite of anyone’s fault. The benefits cover the medical expenses, any loss in wages, pays for the replacement services which you would have provided if you were not injured.

It is the requirement of the Massachusetts auto insurance law for all motorists to have at least liability insurance which can pay to persons injured in the accident or killed and the minimum liability insurance is 20/40/5:$20,000 for one individual and the liability increases to $40,000 if two or more individuals are involved and as property damage protection there should be a provision of at least $5000.therefore the essential requirement is to have a basic cover of Uninsured Motorist protection of at least $20,000 each person and for each accident at least $40000 cover. It will be in your interest to buy higher liability insurance as well as personal injury protection insurance. There are several other insurance covers available offered by Massachusetts Car Insurance Companies which are comprehensive and event covers including medical payments, coverage of collision, under-insured auto coverage to protect property and pay for associated expenses.

The valuable source of information is the Massachusetts DMV site and you can find out all relevant information for vehicle owners and drivers before you decide to visit the office. The facilities available for Massachusetts residents are that they can renew their driver’s license, change residential details, pay fine tickets on line, renew registration, and also if interested can order special plates for their cars. This website is a valuable source and has the ability to view branch locations, their contact details and the associated waiting times at each registry. All the information regarding learner’s licenses and permits and Junior Operator Licenses (JOL) are available on this site which allows the downloading applications forms and the associated paperwork from this website.
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 199150
Boston, MA 02119-9150
Phone: 617-351-9213

The Massachusetts department of insurance is a regulatory body responsible for laying down policies for insurance industry like for solvency, consumer protection in this state. The forms are available on this website if the consumers in Massachusetts want to file complaint against the insurance company. Detailed information in the form of Consumer Guides and brochures are available and further details and in-depth information can be obtained for each type of available insurance cover. Consumers can search through the registered auto body shops dealing with auto insurance services, find tips to save on these insurances, learn about their policies and the provisions if you change insurers. There is a detailed manual by The Massachusetts Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Manual which provides information on the mandatory car insurance covers and their limits, car registration, optional auto insurance providers and available covers and much more.

Massachusetts Division of Insurance
One South Station
Boston, MA 02110-2208
Phone: 617-521-7794

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