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The information and resources listed below are meant to help drivers in Maine obtain the appropriate auto insurance as it applies to Maine state law. Organizational links, claim filing procedures, and insurance purchasing details are all included.

Maine Automobile Insurance Laws

Motorists who reside in the state of Maine by law must acquire automobile insurance and coverage that encompasses liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorist. The minimum for liability insurance is referred to as 50/100/25; this breaks down to $50,000 paid for death or injury of any single person involved in an accident, $100,000 will provide for multiple people hurt or deceased due to an accident, and $25,00 for damage to property incurred during an accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage must equal to or exceed $50,000 paid to each involved person as well as $100,00 for each car accident; however, this will not provide coverage for damage your vehicle sustains nor the injuries suffered by the other motorist. The required coverage for medical payment must be at least $1,000.

Of course, your insurance needs may exceed the minimum insurance required by Maine state law; you do have the option of obtaining greater coverage. Your decision will depend on what assets you feel need protecting. Although extra coverage will increase your insurance premiums, the additional cost is not exorbitant.

Maine BMV

The Maine BMV, or Bureau of Motor Vehicles, provides Maine residents with a wide variety of services through their website, such as address changes, vehicle registration renewals, vanity plate look ups, traffic ticket payments, and driving record, registration record, and title record searches. Record searching is the only service that is free.

Besides motorist services, the Maine BMV website also lists information regarding obtaining a driver’s license and instructional permit as well as transferring a license issued outside of Maine, title work, registration, driving records, and points. Applications are available for viewing or downloading.

Maine Secretary of State
State House STA #29
101 Hospital St.
Augusta, Maine 04333-0029
Telephone: 207-624-9000

Maine Bureau of Insurance

Maine’s Bureau of Insurance is an insurance regulator created for consumer protection and solvency. Maine residents may visit their website for filing insurance complaints and reading an insurance terms glossary as well as viewing auto insurance guides and free publications regarding automobile, worker’s compensation, homeowners, and health insurance. Every insurance section includes a yearly compliant ratio to compare insurance companies. Useful resource links and insurance company data are also provided on the Bureau of Insurance’s website.

Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
State House STA #34
Augusta, Maine 04333-0029
Toll Free Telephone: 800-300-5000
Local Telephone: 207-624-8475

This consumer guide for Maine automobile insurance is ideal for motorists wishing to understand the state’s automobile insurance amount requirements as well as non-renewal and canceled auto insurance. This guide also provides information about applicable discounts, optional coverage, all coverage types, comparison charts, and price quotes.


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