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Car Insurance Quotes in Kentucky

Automobile Insurance Resources for Kentucky Residents

There are sources of valuable information that are listed here, which can help you understand current laws and regulations and help you get car insurance in Kentucky. There are also organizations who have put together complete guides on how to buy car insurance, how to file a claim, etc.

What the law says about auto insurance in Kentucky.

Although Kentucky has a no fault auto insurance law, people have the right to reject the threshold established for lawsuits and sue for injuries caused in a road accident. Current Kentucky laws oblige every motorist to have at least $25 000 of coverage for bodily injury for each person, $50 000 minimum coverage for total body injury coverage and $10 000 coverage for property damage.

The required amount of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is of at least $10 000. The no-fault coverage means that your insurer can pay you up to a maximum amount of $10 000 for medical bills, loss of revenue or other losses that resulted due to you suffering an injury in a vehicle accident, regardless of which driver was at fault.

While these amounts are enough to comply with all laws and regulations currently in force in Kentucky, they may not be enough should a lawsuit be filed against you by a person who was injured in an automobile accident.

For this reason, most insurance companies operating in Kentucky offer coverage which is a lot higher than the minimum required by law.

Additional resources on auto insurance in Kentucky:

Kentucky Department of Insurance

The Department of Insurance provides useful information to residents of the state of Kentucky who want to learn more about car insurance. You can find a lot of free information, news and publications related to insurance. You can also contact them by phone at 1-800-595-6053


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