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Car Insurance Quotes in Illinois

If you’re looking for information on Illinois car insurance, this list of helpful and informative sites should be very useful to you. We have attempted to gather the best resources on the web to answer questions such as “How do I get car insurance in Illinois?” and “If I get in an accident, how do I file a claim?”


Liability coverage is required in the state of Illinois. Specifically, drivers must have bodily injury coverage of at least $20,000 per person per accident and $40,000 total per accident. Drivers must also have property damage liability in the amount of $15,000 per accident at a minimum.

Drivers must also have uninsured motorist coverage of $20,000 and $40,000 per person per accident.

Please note that these are minimum guidelines; however, actual repair and hospital bills could be far beyond these amounts. It may be worthwhile to have more coverage than what the state recommends, so that you will not have to face a potentially expensive lawsuit.


Illinois Services for Motorists
213 State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62706
Toll Free: 800-252-8980

This site provides Illinois residents with online access to many of the same services provided by a local DMV, including car registration renewals, address changes, and identification card or driver’s license renewals. Also listed are DMV locations and hours should you wish or need to be there in person.

In addition to DMV hours, the website also provides detailed information about common processes, procedures, and laws on topics such as auto emissions, mandatory minimum insurance levels, title transfers, new requirements and changes to existing laws. Teen drivers may find the teen safety forms helpful and the site also offers a downloadable version of the Illinois driver’s manual.

You can browse through the wealth of available information or take advantage of online identification and license renewal. Either way, this site will cure your confusion and save you time.

Illinois Department of Insurance
100 W. Randolph St., Suite 5-570
James R. Thompson Center
Chicago, IL 60601-3251
Phone: 312-814-2427

The insurance industry in the State of Illinois is regulated by the Illinois Department of Insurance. They keep an eye on the financial solvency of insurance agencies and also protect Illinois residents during their insurance transactions.

While particularly helpful to drivers, the website also contains information valuable to any consumer. You will find factsheets and valuable information on car, life, health, and homeowner’s insurance, to name a few. Much like the DMV website above, the Department of Insurances provides guides to common procedures such as claim filing in addition to their more general information. They also have many tips available for consumers to read.

Their general information includes information regarding licensing, exam preparation, fee schedules, insurance laws and rules (and changes to them), applications forms and access to the Illinois licensed insurance producer database.

This site is definitely worth looking at if you any have insurance related concerns.


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