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Car Insurance Quotes and Rates – Driving Drunk + Higher Premiums

Asking whether or not a drunk driving record matters to insurance rates is about as foolish as asking whether a diet of fast food will cause you to be obese. Any kind of ticket or infraction on your record will increase insurance rates, and an infraction involving driving under the influence (DUI) is not only not an exception, but one of the worst infractions you can have on your record that will cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. Just about the only thing you can do that is worse is to try to hide the fact that you have such a record when giving the information to the insurance company to get a lower quote. That complicates the issue with fraud and if you do have an accident and they find out that you have given them false information, you might not be covered and you might even lose your driving privileges.

Take a cab if you can’t find someone to volunteer not to drink for a night on the town and be the designated driver. Share the cost of the cab. It’s a lot less expensive than the fines and the insurance rate increase if you get into an accident.

If you do have a DUI record, you can try to get it expunged after a period of time. The time varies according to local law. Talk to an attorney about the possibilities. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has a website with some valuable information to help keep communities safe from the ravages of driving while intoxicated.


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