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Car Insurance Quotes in West Virginia

West Virginia Auto Insurance Information and Resources

West Virginia residents here are a list of valuables resources to assist you in purchasing auto insurance. Enclosed in this article are links to approved departments within the state of West Virginia and can assist in auto insurance and process accident claims.
Car insurance laws

State West Virginia instituted a 20/40/10 provision for all licensed drivers of the state. This provision means that $20,000 worth of liability insurance must be purchased for bodily injury or single person. A $40,000 insurance policy also is required to cover all persons who may be involved in an accident. Finally, $10,000 of insurance is needs to cover any damage or loss of property that may occur during an accident. WV requires uninsured motorist to be covered by the same provision.

West Virginia provides the option to purchase a minimum coverage, with that offers a higher premium which is optional in liability coverage. Most often insurance companies require that individuals purchase liability to cover an accident with the uninsured motorist.

West Virginia Department of Transportation – Division of Motor Vehicles
Building 3, Capitol Complex, 1800 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25317

There are 21 regional offices throughout the state of West Virginia for the West Virginia Department of Transportation/Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). At these various regional locations, practice exams for driver’s license are available and driving test for students wanting a license are provided. In PDF format and can be downloaded on the DMV website is drivers handbook, which provides all the traffic laws and regulations in which to drive in West Virginia. Furthermore, on the website instructions and answers are provided for licensing, registration and the titling of a vehicle.

A somewhat new feature, allows West Virginia residents to obtain information about construction zones and road conditions throughout the state and specifically the Appalachian Corridor.

West Virginia Insurance Commission
1124 Smith Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Providing insurance policy information, the West Virginia insurance commission, assist consumers in finding the best policy rates and is helpful in resolving disputes between insurance companies and West Virginia residents.

The 2003 auto insurance annual survey provided on WV Insurance Commission website is a list of current auto insurance companies that offer minimum liability insurance. The survey allows West Virginia is a way to compare premium rates from various companies for the minimum amount of coverage data specified by the West Virginia law. The West Virginia Insurance Commission does make readily available on its website a complete list of the requirements in which the law mandates WV drivers need. Including a list of Total Loss Valuation Venders, assist West Virginians in identifying the cars suggested worth appears on the website.

Viewing the website, a list of resources for homeowners insurance, health insurance, and insurance complaint forms are all listed within various categories and sections within the website and of course are free to residents of West Virginia.


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