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Tips For Teens: How to Lower Your Insurance Costs

At last! You have your drivers license and a huge increase in freedom. Unfortunately, many young drivers don’t fully calculate the cost of having their own car, and one of the last costs to be calculated is auto insurance.

Because of their lack of experience, young drivers face steep insurance rates. The primary cause of death in people age 16-20 is auto accidents. Thus, insurance companies have to calculate these risks when figuring a fair rate. Since young people are a higher risk, they have to pay a higher rate. But don’t despair, there are some things you can do to lower your insurance costs.

Keep Good Grades – If you can keep a B average or better on your report card, insurance companies will likely offer you a lower rate.

Take a Drivers Education Course – There is a large benefit to taking one of these courses even though most schools have discontinued having them in their curriculum. Taking a driver education course can help you to save quite a bit on your auto insurance. Your state motor vehicle department should have a list of local reputable driving schools.

Keep the Slate Clean – You have a completely fresh slate to start driving with. Try very hard to keep it clean.

Consider this. Say you pay $600 for 6 months of insurance. Your first ticket can double or triple that cost. So now your auto insurance costs you $1,200-$1,800 for 6 months. Since a ticket can take up to 5 years to completely fall off your record that same ticket will end up costing you an extra $6,000-$12,000 in insurance costs. Is that a price you’re willing to pay for a speeding joyride or just a little bit of careless driving?

Drive a Safe Ride in a Safe Way – As much as you may want to buy that new, speeding roadster, an older car with all the best safety features will get you a better insurance rate. Vehicles with more horsepower, low safety ratings and high vandalism and theft ratings will make your insurance costs go up.

Even the safest car is only as safe as the driver. At the risk of sounding like a square, buckle up, don’t speed, don’t tailgate, don’t race and the like. You may think it sounds old fashioned, but it’s better to learn these lessons now than after your first accident.

Don’t Drink and Drive – Drinking and driving is the surest way to head for a whole lot of trouble and expense. Not only is it illegal but a lack of experience in both drinking and driving can lead to a very serious, even lethal, accident.

Shop Around – Make sure to compare rates with several different companies, keeping in mind that it’s more cost effective to stay in your parents household than to find a rate on your own, especially if you’re under 21.


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