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Car Insurance Quotes in South Dakota

Resources and Information in Auto Insurance For South Dakota Residents & how to get and easy, quick, online quote for South Dakota Car Insurance.

You can find some information from four of the top leading insurance providers that provide free quotes to the resident’s of the state of South Dakota online!

We have been able to compile some of the best and most valuable information and resources in the world for anyone looking for auto insurance in the state of South Dakota. There are many different topics, links and organizations that have been included to help you get information and understand the auto insurance shopping processes, as well as how to purchase auto insurance, file a claim or complaint and so much more!

In South Dakota, there is a requirement of vehicle liability coverage that all drivers must have in order to be able to drive in the state. You must have the minimum of bodily injury liability, and property damage liability. Bodily injury is going to be protecting you should there be a claim made against you by someone else who was involved in an accident you were the cause of. The minimum amount of required coverage is 25/50/25 liability coverage. That means that you will have $25,000 for any one that is injured, $50,000 or all persons who were injured in a single accident, and $25,000 for any property damage that occurred during one single accident.

For the resident’s of South Dakota, you are also going to be required to have Uninsured Motorist coverage on your policy. It is a coverage that is going to be paying you and the occupants of the vehicle for any personal injuries caused by someone who did have any insurance or injuries done by a hit and run driver. However, there will not be any coverage provided for your vehicle.

All companies that offer auto insurance in South Dakota are going to be able to offer optional coverages that can include: comprehensive, collision, medical payments, under insured motorist coverage and other kinds of coverages that you may incur.

South Dakota Department of Transportation
700 East Broadway Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2586
Phone: 605-773-3292

South Dakota does offer a transportation system to their resident’s that can help them with their mobility needs. If you are looking for any kind of updated travel information, it would do you some great help to take a look over this website. This website is going to offering you information on any kinds of road conditions, any weather conditions, rest areas, port stops, tips for traveling, construction projects and so much more! The site will also be able to list information from states that surround SD so you are going to be notified for every situation. This website is great for anyone wishing to travel to the state as well as any and all native resident’s.

South Dakota Department of Public Safety
Office of Driver Licensing
118 W Capitol Ave
Pierre SD 57501
Phone:605-773-6883; toll free: 1-800-952-3696

South Dakota offers a Licensing Program that helps with the issuance of drivers licenses to all consumer who are eligible. There is tons of useful information regarding this particular situation located in this website for any questions that you may have. The site will have the dates, times and places for when the license exams are offered as well as guides for teens and parents of teen drivers. You can also obtain a manual for anyone needing one for operating a motorcycle in the state.

South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles
445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3100

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is South Dakota is going to be the ones who are going to handle any titling of vehicles to be done. That goes for commercial and non-commercial as well and boats. If you are looking for information regarding autos or boats this website is the one to use. Information on vehicle and boat registration, any tax payment verification, applications for titles and registrations and so much more can be found here.


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