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What major life changes have you recently faced (i.e. newly married, added a teenage driver purchased a new vehicle, recently moved, etc.)? Spending time to compare auto insurance rates of different companies will go a long way in helping you select the best car insurance policy according to your specific needs.

Today, 1 out of every 4 people will be involved in an accident. Traffic congestion increases the chances of an accident by over 50%. Are you familiar with your auto indemnity policy? Is it enough to provide coverage in the event of a legal judgment levied against you? Comparing how well your car insurance can protect you from legal fees will help you decide which auto insurance is best for you.

Does your current policy offer adequate collision protection? Let’s face it. Accidents happen, and they don’t always involve another vehicle. Think about what would happen for example, if while driving at night, a deer unexpectedly walks out of the bushes and hits your car. You insurance policy’s indemnity coverage is something that you cannot overlook. Without proper coverage, the repairs and medical expenses caused by that collision would be your responsibility. Ask yourself if your current auto indemnity policy would protect you in case of a collision. If the answer is no, you need to look at other insurance options.

Compare your indemnity policy with that of other insurers. Ask yourself if your policy provides enough coverage for liability in the case of property loss or injury cause by an accident?

Given the difficult economy. Insurance cost are rising. Ask yourself if you can reduce some of the cost of your auto insurance by increasing your deductable. Another option is what’s called “partially self-insured” fund. That means that instead of paying for full insurance, you choose to set aside funds in a separate account that is dedicated solely for covering minor damages in case of an accident.

When was the last time you compare what you are paying for your current policy to a replacement policy? Given the intense competition between insurance companies, you may be pleasantly surprised at the lower rates that may be out there. Most insurers will even give you a free quote.

Have you examined all the discounts you’re eligible for on your with your current insurer? Insurance companies like to reward long time customers, safe driving, good school grades, and depending on where you live, a safe car that passes state inspection. Also, did you know that most insurance companies give a discount when you insure your car and home with the same company? Familiarize yourself with various policies, and make lots of comparison. Get the best indemnity policy for your specific situation. Don’t let good insurance discounts pass you by!

The choice of auto insurance is one of the most important consumer decisions you’ll ever make. So shop around, do research and ask lots of questions. A car insurance decision should never be rushed. Take advantage of free quotes that most insurance companies offer. Though price is a factor in deciding what to pay for insurance, always make sure that the car insurance you decide to purchase is the best fit for your specific insurance needs.


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