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Car Insurance Quotes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Information and Resources
There are several car insurances companies in Hampshire and this website is a valuable source which provides information regarding the various insurance policies available to consumers and helps in educating them for making decisions. This site also includes links to various sites which are relevant and provide a helpful guide on various subjects such as purchasing car insurance, procedures to file claims and relevant forms o be completed on line.

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Laws

Under New Hampshire law you are not required to have auto insurance. This state works under TORT system which means that in case of an accident and if you are at fault, the claims for injury or property damage can be filed against you. Although it does not require you to have insurance but it does need you to satisfy the NH Financial Responsibility requirement for you to operate a vehicle in this state. The minimum limits in relation to bodily injury for one $25,000; for two or more persons $50,000 and property damage is $25,000 i.e. 25/50/25. It also accepts and is satisfied with single limit policy of $75,000.

It is recommended by the insurance industry that higher liability limits may be a better and safer way to go in case of serious car accidents.

New Hampshire Care Insurance Companies offer various policies which include comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage which covers protection to your own vehicle and all these services are listed and details are provided on their website.

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles

James H. Hayes Building
33 Hazen Drive
Concord NH 03305
Phone: 603-271-2251

The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles website contains all relevant and useful information for the consumers and the agencies. There is information available on each and every service which includes information on approved driving schools for learners, the requirements for qualifying for licensing, registration etc. All the forms are available to be filled and required documentations are listed to make it easy for learners and agents. The licensing procedures and services are listed the information is provided in-depth and details. Information on the documentation required by the new Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board is provided in detail. This site provides extensive and useful information for owing and riding a motorcycle and on Motorcycle Rider Training. Many publications are made available to the drivers for reference and knowledge.

New Hampshire Insurance Department
56 Old Suncook Rd.
Concord, NH 03301-7317
Phone: 603-271-2261; Toll Free: 800-852-3416

The New Hampshire department of insurance provides information and resources available to the consumers in this state. The NH Auto Insurance brochures give details about your rights if you are involved in a collision and are negotiating car repairs. There is information on the availability of after-market parts and also tell you about your right to select the repair shop. There are provisions for NAIC consumer alerts and links for various useful sites have been provided to make the information easily available. The application forms and the information for completing them can be downloaded. The consumer has access to complaint forms, brochures, publications etc. This department has established a separate unit which processes the insurance fraud cases to expedite the process and explains and gives tips to protect yourself from being the victim of insurance fraud.


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