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Car Insurance Quotes in Michigan

Resources and Information for Michigan Auto Insurance

Below, you are going to be able to find many valuable resources to help you with your search for the perfect insurance company as well as information in how to choose your insurance coverage in the state of Michigan. We have made sure to include links to many help guides and organizations that discuss topics on how to purchase auto insurance in Michigan, how to file a claim and any other information that you may need.

Laws for Michigan car insurance

Michigan is what you call a No-Fault state and car insurance is a requirement for the resident in Michigan that want to drive. Michigan happens to have one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow systems in the world when it comes to insurance. Their system simply states that your vehicle must be insured. Since your vehicle is insured, you and your family will be covered with unlimited services and benefits such as medical and rehabilitation benefits that may be need due to an accident. The benefits are going to cover things such as loss of wages, a $20 per day for any of replacement services for a time period of three years should you be injured in an auto accident anytime. Right now, it does not matter who is at fault of the accident.

When you live in Michigan and have insurance coverage, you are going to have three different by basic parts to no-fault policy. They must be purchased and they are going to have to be covered on every vehicle that you operate in Michigan. Those three kinds of coverage are Person Injury Protection (PIP), Property Protection, and Residual Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance (BI/PD).

The Person Injury Protection (PIP) Is one that is going to be paying all the medical costs that you incur should you be hurt in and auto accident.

The Property Protection (PPI) is going to be paying for any of the damage that you car did in Michigan and it will also be covering an property damage that was done up to the amount of $ 1 million.

Residual Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance (BI/PD) is going to be paying any defense costs that you may incur should you be found liable for the result of the accident that happened. It is only going to be covering up to the limits of the policy. In Michigan there are liability requirements and they currently are at 20/40/10. That stands for $20,000 for any person who is hurt or killed in the accident, $40,000 for every accident if there are many people hurt or that were killed. It is also going to cover up $10,000 for the property damage that was done, if it was in another state.

The only negative to this kind of insurance coverage is, that the policy does not pay to replace or repair your car if it is damaged. Michigan car insurance companies can offer other types of insurance coverage that is not required, but recommended. Those coverage are collision and comprehensive. This are going to cover your car, if you want it to be covered for and damaged or if theft may occur.

Michigan Secretary of State
Department of State
Lansing, MI 48918
Phone: 517-322-1460

If you are interested in finding information on the Michigan DMV, you can do so on their main website. There residents can information on things such as their title history, if they had any personalized plates, any license plates and any registering and titling they may have done over the years. You can also get information about selling a car, doing repairs on vehicles and information about recreational vehicles. They do have a certain section that has been dedicated to giving residents information on renewing or replacing license plates, and kind of publication forms and and information about the Graduated drivers license program for the residents under the age of 18. You can also find out information on the license requirement and what information you may need in order to take your test. There are very quick links that can be used on the main page to help take you directly where you need to go and the ones that are visited most often.

Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services (OFIS)
Ottawa Building, 2nd Floor, 611 West Ottawa
Lansing, MI 48933-1070
Phone: 517-373-0220,1607,7-154-10555—,00.html

The Department of Insurance for the state of Michigan provides tons of information when it comes to things such as any financial institutions, insurance companies and any securities for the state of Michigan. If you are in need of filing any kind of complaint for insurance, view complaint statistics in Michigan, the ratios of the complaints on insurance companies as well as financial statements, you can do so on the website. Since Michigan is a No-Fault state, consumers and drivers can get tons of information about the requirements before they purchase any kind of insurance in this state. You may find it best to access the Consumers Guide to No-Fault Auto insurance for the state of Michigan to get a better understanding of the program. The Department of Insurance website can give you information on insurance rates, how to apply for insurance, licensing and view and of the rules and regulations for driving in Michigan.


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