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What all does my particular car insurance policy cover?
There are coverages that some policies are going to cover and some thing that a lot of policies do not. Some of the most common coverages are: Bodily Injury Protection, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists.

What exactly is Bodily Injury and what does it cover?

Bodily insurance coverage is going to protect you in the event that someone is injured in a car accident that you were the cause of. It is going to protect you from claims that can be filed for damages such as lost wages, medical expenses, any pain and suffering as a result of the accident and finally funeral costs. Bodily injury is the coverage that is required by most states. It will also be stated in terms on the insurance policy as a/b. The A in the equation is going to stand for the amount of the dollar amount of coverage for each person and the B is going to representing the dollar amount that is going to be the coverage for each accident. You are going to need to make sure that you have enough coverage to protect yourself for any situation. The bodily injury coverage is an excellent way to protect yourself from any lawsuits that be filed against you.

What does Property Damage Cover?
Property damage is pretty much like the bodily insurance coverage. It is going to protect any property damage to any other person’s property in th event of an accident. It does not matter what kind of damage was done, it should be covered if it was caused by the car accident. Property damage can also include any other kind of damage that was done, even to the other person’s car. Property damage can vary from accident to accident so the coverage that you can get will also be varying. The coverage that you can get will also be depending on the insurance company that you are insured with.
Property coverage is thought to be one of the most critical parts of auto insurance. It can protect should someone try to sue you and it can also protect any assets that you may have. Property damage tends to be mandatory for each state and insurance policy. You should make sure that you discuss that with your insurance company to make sure that you have the proper amount of property damage coverage.

What does Personal Protection Injury Coverage?

Personal injury protection can sometimes be referred to as no-fault car insurance coverage or PIP. It simply means that you are going to be covered in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault. This kind of coverage is generally going to provide coverage for any kind of person reimbursement that can be for any medical and rehabilitation expenses. It can also cover an lost wages that were due to injuries caused by the accident for the drivers, passengers and anyone injured in the car accident. This is one of the most misunderstood kinds of insurance coverage. There are many different limits and the protection is one that can vary from state to state. You should make sure that you follow the guidelines that are set forth by your insurance company and the state you reside in as well. Person Injury Protection is one that can be very helpful in just about any kind of accident. This kind of protection can tend to be the same the drivers health insurance and it can fail to meet some drivers certain needs. This kind of coverage is not one that would benefit retirees in any way.

What is uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage?
This is the kind of coverage that is going to protect you in the event that are any bodily injuries or property damage due to a car accident and the driver was uninsured. If you are involved in a hit and run accident, then the coverage is going to pay up to a limit that is set forth in your insurance policy. Uninsured coverage is going to guarantee that you can obtain the amount that was set forth in your policy legally and that you are entitled to the full amount.

Underinsured coverage kind of works the same way as uninsured. Both of these kinds of coverage tend to be offered together and are charged as one fee. It is very easy to get them confused, one for the other and you need to make sure you understand both completely. Underinsured is going to be paying for the injuries and damages that are not fully covered by the other drivers policy. The injured party will be covered by the insurance company of the other driver for a certain amount and then yours should pick up the rest. Car insurance is required to drive but, there seems to be more drivers driving without insurance or not enough coverage. You need to make sure that you are protected from anything that can happen when it comes to driving, with enough coverage.


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