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What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive car policy covers your vehicle against theft, vandalism, collision with animals, or damage by storms, fallen trees, and other natural disasters. Such occurrences are unpredictable regardless of where one lives and this is why comprehensive car insurance cover is very important.

Lenders usually require borrowers to have comprehensive cover. Thus, if you are taking a loan to purchase a vehicle, you must purchase comprehensive insurance for it. However, the cover is usually optional.

In order to reduce the premiums that you will have to pay, you can increase your deductible to the highest amount. However, be cautious not to increase it to levels that will be strenuous when it comes to paying.

Comprehensive car policy is advantageous to people who own new or expensive cars. However, they only pay up to the depreciated value of the vehicle. The depreciated value is calculated by subtracting the deductible of the insurance policy from the current value of the car.


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