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Car Insurance Discounts

Discounts for car insurance may apply if some or all of the following conditions are met.

1. If you own a home and insure your vehicle with the same company.

2. If you and members of your family in the same household insure with the same carrier.

3. If you are a new driver and have taken an approved driver’s training course.

4. If you are over 50 years of age but younger than a maximum cut-off age where premiums start to rise again.

5. If your vehicle has certain safety features such as anti-lock brakes.

6. If you have invested in a car alarm system.

7. If you drive significantly fewer miles per year than what is considered average

8. If you are a student living on campus, sometimes discounts may apply.

9. If a grade point average is a B or higher, sometimes discounts apply for these students as well.

10. If you have a driving history devoid of tickets, accidents, and claims.


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Car Insurance Glossary

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