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Car Insurance Cost Factors

There are several risk factors that affect what kind of quote you will get for car insurance. Depending on your age, car insurance can be more expensive. Teens and the elderly tend to be in higher risk pools. The sex of an individual is also a consideration, males usually warranting the higher quotes. Those who are married generally also have lower rates than their single counterparts.

Of course, the driving record of any individual is of utmost importance. Tickets and auto accidents will raise any quote significantly, the more recent the higher the quote. If you have what insurance companies consider a good lifestyle, including a good credit history and haven’t made claims in the past, you are going to get a lower quote than those with bad credit and past claims.

The fewer driving miles you put on your vehicle in a year, the less the quote will be. The greater the car value, the higher the cost to insure, and whether you drive in congested areas where accidents are more likely to happen and vehicle theft is more rampant, are other factors that are considered in the final quotes.


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Car Insurance Glossary

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