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This program, also known as “Pay as You Drive” is another way to pay your car insurance. It is offered to customers looking for car insurance in Texas.

Scams in the Auto Insurance World
Find out what the newest scams are when it comes to car accidents.

Safely Using Your Cell Phone
Learn about the safest ways to use your mobile phone when driving your vehicle.

How Drinking and Driving Could Affect Your Insurance Rates
Driving under the influence is not only a dangerous idea, but it could also have bad affects when it comes to your car insurance rates.

Credit Score and Car Insurance
Find out how the auto insurance companies use your credit scores. Everyone should know that these companies are using your scores to assume whether or not you will file a complaint.

Prevent Your Car From Getting Jacked
One illegal business that is growing on a yearly basis is car theft. Learn how to keep your car safe against car thieves.


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