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Car Insurance & Cell Phones

Superior Car Insurance believes that education can prevent accidents, especially when the information involves using a cell phone while driving any kind of vehicle. Here are a few tips.

Learn to use your cell phone at home. Don’t try to figure out a new device while you’re behind the wheel of a car.

Emotional conversations can be a big distraction from your primary job of operating your car. Car accidents involving cell phones usually involve conversation that keeps the driver from being aware of what’s happening on the road. Save the emotional calls for when the vehicle is parked.

Be polite but firm. It is not rude to abruptly end or ignore a cell phone call when driving. You can always call back later and apologize.

Don’t fumble for your phone. Before starting your car, place your cell phone where you can reach it without taking your eyes off the road if you have to take a call.

Buy a hands free cell phone. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

There are other tips for cell phone safety located at other websites. Check them out for your own sake and that of other drivers.


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