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Car Theft – Car Jacking Prevention Tips

Over the years, car theft and car jacking have become very lucrative businesses. Victims can include anyone, as can perpetrators. Professional car theft rings will dish out steep amounts of money for a single vehicle and some can round up several cars in just one night. It’s understandable therefore that as the economy drops and people become more desperate for some quick cash, that car jacking and car thefts are on the increase. Additionally, they have become more violent over the years, and can happen so quickly, within seconds.

Even though car jacking is considered a crime of violence, thus carrying a heavier sentence, there are still individuals taking the risk by continuing to perform these crimes. This means that if a carjacker were to try to target you or your vehicle, they are likely desperate and/or violent. How can you protect yourself in this situation and what can you do to prevent it from happening in the first place?

1) Keep your doors locked and buckle up. The perpetrator is looking for an opportunity to quickly open the door, yank you out and drive off. If they see you wearing your seat belt or try your door and see that it’s locked, they may be likely to give up altogether.

If you’re just getting into your car, lock the doors immediately. It may be a good idea to put your car in gear, even if you’ll be waiting for a minute or two before you actually start moving.

2) Be aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to be sidetracked with something as you approach your car to get into it, but it’s much smarter to take a second and look around. Are there any suspicious looking people milling around your car? If someone were to attack you, would you have an open route of escape, or would you be trapped by another vehicle? If you do notice someone or something unusual, keep moving and wait for them to go away or report it to a security officer or policeman.

3) If someone approaches your car to talk to you, crack the window. DO NOT open the door or roll your window down all the way. Cracking the window will allow you to hear them, but prevent them from reaching in the car with a knife or other weapon.

4) If you are attacked, throw your keys. If someone tries to attack you while you’re trying to get into the car, toss your keys in one direction and run as fast as you can in the other direction. This will force your attacker to make a choice; chase you or get your keys and take your car. Their choice will give you a better idea as to what level of danger you are in. Throwing your keys may also startle them enough to make them give up the idea altogether.

REMEMBER – No matter how fancy and expensive your car is, it’s not worth dying for. Try to take precautions to avoid a carjacking, but if you are attacked don’t fight to keep your car. It’s far better to give up your vehicle and stay alive.


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