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Tips To Finding The Perfect New Car

Buying a car is a big commitment, so here are a couple of tips to help you find the perfect buy.

Research Your Options

Find several different cars that will suite your particular needs. Narrow your options down to the year, make and model that best fits what you’re looking for. You probably won’t find a vehicle that’s perfect, so be willing to be flexible. Decide which options are most important to you, and which options you may be willing to give up. Try to narrow down your options as much as possible. with a couple of back up vehicles that also suite you’re needs.

In your research, look up invoice costs, costs for extras, dealer hold backs, incentives and rebates to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Get Insurance Quotes BEFORE You Buy

Take the information on a couple of different cars, your main choice and a backup, into your insurance agent for quotes. Some cars are very costly to insure and some are much cheaper. Taking the time to get your quotes ahead of time can save you a lot of money in the future.

Get Your Timing Right

Dealerships are trying to boost numbers at the end of the month, so try to shop then. September, October and the last two weeks of December are also great times to go car shopping since dealerships are trying to move their stock to make room for new shipments. At the end of December you’ll get great deals at the end of the holiday season.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Never take the first offer a dealership makes. Shop at a couple of different dealerships and get offers on a couple different vehicles. Then let the salesman know that you’re shopping around and that you won’t be ready to buy until you are offered the best price.

Know Your Incentives and Rebates

Go online to find incentives and rebates on any particular vehicle. Use these incentives, like rebates or low-interest financing, as leveraging power in negotiating the best deal.

Trade In Your Old Vehicle

Before going car shopping, research the value of your current car on or take it to a few used car lots and offer to sell it to them. Now you know what your car is worth and how much the dealership should accept for it. After you’ve negotiated a fair price with them, bring up that you would like to trade in your old car.

Keep an Eye on Dealership Add Ons

Dealerships will try to line their pockets with extra cash from add ons that you don’t really need. Pay attention to what you are signing up for and refuse the following:

Fabric Protection
Undercoating the Car
Extended Auto Warranty
Anti-Theft Devices
Paint Protection or

Now that you are forearmed and forewarned, happy hunting! May you find your perfect car for the perfect price.


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