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Road Safety Tips

Safe Driving Tips

Winter driving tips
Operating a vehicle can be risky no matter what season. Find data on road safety tips for winter driving.

Defensive driving
Become knowledgeable on what factors can help you drive defensively as well as lower your chance of having an accident.

Preventing SUV roll-overs
Understand Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs function a lot differently than cars. Review SUV driving tips for safely and on how to prevent rollovers.

Using Anti-Lock Brakes properly
Know how to employ your anti-lock brakes properly, especial when they are needed the most. Never be caught off guard when driving.

Car Maintenance

Get your vehicle ready for a road trip.
Ensure that your conduct maintenance of your vehicle, so to avoid having a problems. Have a mechanic check your car before leaving on a long trip.

Winter car maintenance
Prepare you vehicle for the cold, winterize the automobile by adding fresh ant-freeze and by aiding a winter survival kit with blankets and extra layers of clothing (place in trunk).

Winter survival kit
Consider adding food and water, blankets, gloves, extra gas, etc., within the back of the cars trunk. Having these items just on, case can help if stranded on the side of the road during a cold or snow conditions.

Car Safety & Prevention

Knowing what to if in a car accident
Gather the necessary items, which you may need in the events of an accident such as car insurances, camera, accident forms, pens and registration, keep inside your cars glove compartment.

Car theft prevention
Always be observing and take the necessary precautions to protect your vehicle such as lock your door, remove valuables from the car and activate the cars alarm system when leaving. Minimizing your self and family as much as possible from becoming a possible target by thieves.

Your car is stolen. What do you do?
If you car is stolen or is missing remain calm and notify the police call your insurance company. Have a back up plan where you can have access to a rent a car or have alert ante mode of transportation assist you to a safe location. Never confront a car jacked, protect your self and your family.

Top 10 Stolen Cars and Top 10 Cities for Stolen Cars
Be aware of the top cars and cities that have high stolen averages; be mindful when driving in shady areas, which you are not familiar.

Child car seat safety tips
Purchase an authorized car safety seat for your child; take in consideration the age and the weight of the child. Furthermore, review the National Transportation Guides lines for properly securing a child in a safety seat.


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