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Car Theft Prevention Tips

Vehicle theft is not indigenous to any area. There may be areas where it happens more frequently, but it is a problem everywhere and anywhere there are cars. There are about three cars stolen every minute, raising insurance rates for everyone. The best prevention is reducing the possibilities that the vehicle can be stolen. Many of the vehicles stolen are a direct result of negligence of the owner or the last person who drove the car who did not make sure the windows were closed and the vehicle was locked. In some cases, items of value are left in plain view, making the temptation to a thief too great to resist. There are some measures every person who owns a motor vehicle can take to help ensure they won’t be the next victim of theft.

1. Always lock the car doors, even when you think you are parked in a safe place.
2. Never leave an unattended vehicle with the keys in the ignition, and absolutely do not leave it running.
3. Keep valuables out of plain sight.
4. If possible, park in a conspicuous area that is well lit if parked after dark.
5. Clubs that wrap around the steering wheel making it impossible to turn it can be deterrents.
6. Security systems that alert with loud sounds are a good investment for which many insurance companies will offer discounts if they are installed in your vehicle.
7. Take forms such as insurance and registration out of the glove compartment and carry them with you if you are going to be parking for an extended period.
8. Never leave money or credit cards in the parked vehicle.
9. Know your VIN number and license plate number and have them written down or recorded in an electronic device that is on your person in case you need to report theft.
10. Keep a spare key and never give a garage attendant any other key but that one.


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