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Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car

Preparation is the best defense for a long ride with kids. If you have done your homework, the ride will seem much shorter than it would had you not. The kids will also be much happier, and less likely to get fidgety and testy.

Food is always a good start. Packing healthy, nutritious snacks will physiologically help to improve their moods as well as be psychologically satisfying.

Take along some compact electronic, hand-held games to amuse them individually.

Audio tapes of some of their favorite stories can be borrowed at the library or picked up at local tag sales.

Have the kids help you prepare by choosing some stuffed animals or dolls, any small toy that will help stir their imagination to provide amusement should be encouraged.

If you happen to have one of those VCRs that plugs into your cigarette lighter, don’t forget to take along some of their favorite videos. If you also have a baby who is still in a car seat, there are activity attachments that can be helpful to keep the child entertained.

Sometimes it’s fun for the whole family to participate in an activity for a stretch of time. Use your imagination to create games that the family can play. Some tried and true ideas are distance guessing where each member of the family guesses how many miles it will be before reaching a destination, monument, or some focal point. Set the odometer, and see who has come closest when you arrive. You can also make the games educational. Have someone pick an object in sight and see which of the children can spell it correctly. Guessing games are always fun too. The possibilities are endless, and the ride will be smoother using some preparation and imagination.


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