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Auto Theft: What Should You Do?

If you find that you cannot find your car and know that it was not towed, it probably means it was stolen and you should report it to the police post haste. There is not always the necessity to go to the police department; a phone call is all that it takes in most cases. The sooner you report your loss, the sooner the action for finding it.

They will need the information on your registration form and insurance card, so having copies of them handy at all times, aside from keeping them in the glove compartment, is a good idea. Wasting time searching is not going to help you. Having a list of any of the accoutrements in the car that can be removed that are of value is also important. Bills of sale and any numbers identifying the objects should be kept in a place where you can access them.

A photograph of your car can also be helpful in retrieving the stolen vehicle. Use caution. This is a thief, so if you happen to spot your car yourself, do not attempt to retrieve it yourself or get into any situation where you will confront the perpetrator. Have a cell phone ready and be prepared to dial 911 so the authorities can deal with the suspect who might be armed and dangerous.


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